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Pizza Hut launches the Cheesy Bites Pizza 12/12/2007

The Cheesy Bites pizza is the latest innovative offer from Pizza Hut. Launched at Pizza Hut, St Julian’s yesterday, the pizza is available for a limited time only and is served in all Pizza Hut outlets.

The Cheesy Bites pizza offers customers the experience of pulling and popping the irresistible cheese-filled bites into their mouths before digging into the pizza slices. The 28 cheesy bites are individually wrapped in dough and lightly seasoned with garlic butter flavor on the outside, then baked to a golden brown. The cheese bites are connected to surround the pizza and take the place of a traditional crust edge. The Cheesy Bites pizza is available in large size, serving 2 to 3 persons and comes with two different dips. The offer also applies on take-away and home/office delivery service.

“If you are a super-fan of the all-time famous Cheesy Crust pizza, then you will surely not want to miss on the latest sensational Cheesy Bites pizza. This new pizza brings fun and excitement around the table for all the family and friends to share,” said Mr Marco Debono, Marketing Executive for Pizza Hut in Malta

During the month of December, Pizza Hut together with Crayola are organising a special competition for all children visiting any Pizza Hut restaurant. When dining-in, kids will receive a colouring placemat together with a four-pack Crayola crayons for free. The children can hand in their coloured placemat to any Pizza Hut crew member and the best 25 entries will win a Crayola surprise prize at the end of January. All entries will be uploaded online on www.juniors.com.mt.

With four completely renovated restaurants, sporting a new-look décor, Pizza Hut remains a favourite place where to share great food. Apart from the ever-popular pan pizzas, one can find pasta, plated salads and mouth-watering desserts as well as a good selection of top local and foreign wines and beers.

For more information, please visit http://www.pizzahutmalta.com/ or call to order take-away or home/office delivery on 2121 5151.

Pizza Hut restaurants are situated in Sliema, Valletta, Bugibba and St Julians. Pizza Hut is operated in Malta by Food Chain (Holdings) Limited, a subsidiary company of The Farsons Group of Companies.