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Salma Hayek stars in “Le Connaisseur” Campari Passion and Seductive Atmospheres 7/12/2007

The 2007 Campari ad campaign stars Salma Hayek in turbid hotel scenes directed by Matthew Rolston and created by American agency Lambesis.

Hotel Campari, presented in Milan earlier on this year, is a magical and ethereal place rich in sensuality where dreams and reality come together. The multimedia project was launched in various formats: the Campari 2007 Calendar, produced at international level and in limited release, as well as the TV and print ad campaign. Hotel Campari’s initial launch was also supported by the www.hotelcampari.com dedicated website.

Mario Testino, internationally acclaimed photographer, created both the images for the calendar, now at its 8th edition, and those for the ad campaign, capturing Salma Hayek’s sensual and Latin beauty in 12 timeless and intense pictures.

The ad “Le Connaisseur”

Passion, impersonated by Salma Hayek’s bewitching presence, roams through a hotel of desires. The film lives through a mosaic of scenes shot in Prague’s beautiful Hotel “Le Palais” -- doors that open and close, murmured whispers in the background, and alluring glances set the tone. A haughty and determined Salma Hayek advances down the hall, ignoring temptations and intrigue at every door. She has a desire that must be fulfilled, what could it be?

There is no hesitation in Salma’s decision, she sweeps into the room where a mysterious and unknown hand pours her a glass of Campari. The Campari Red Passion frame closes the ad.

Director Matthew Rolston filmed the ad by starting with the idea of boutique hotels, sexy and exciting sites that naturally fall in with Campari’s brand image, and investing on suspense and the Mexican actress’ irresistible charm to seduce the viewer.

Matthew Rolston, born in California and grown up in Hollywood, is an eclectic character. Matthew is known as a photographer for his pictures of Andy Warhol and the Rolling Stones and has exhibited his work in prestigious galleries and museums across America, Japan and Europe. In the film industry he is known for directing Janet Jackson, Madonna, Lenny Kravitz and others in their music videos; he has also directed television ads for Ralph Lauren, Gap, L’Oreal, Revlon and other international brands.

Lambesis, San Diego, executed the campaign with creative director Chad Farmer. Mindshare was responsible for the planning. 

Three billboards featuring selected visuals from the 2007 Campari ad campaign shall be strategically placed in the central northern part of the island as from 1st July 2007 for four consecutive weeks.

Campari is imported, marketed and distributed by Wands Limited, a subsidiary company of The Farsons Group of Companies. 

Gruppo Campari
Gruppo Campari is a major player in the global beverage sector, trading in over 190 nations around the world with a leading position in the Italian and Brazilian markets and a strong presence in the US, Germany and Switzerland. The Group has an extensive portfolio that spans three business segments: spirits, wines and soft drinks. In the spirits segment stand out internationally renowned brands, such as Campari, SKYY Vodka and Cynar together with leading local brands, such as Aperol, CampariSoda, Glen Grant, Ouzo 12 and Zedda Piras and the Brazilian brands Dreher, Old Eight, Drury’s. In the wine segment together with Cinzano, known world-wide, are Liebfraumilch, Mondoro, Riccadonna, Sella & Mosca and Teruzzi & Puthod all respected wines in their category. In the soft drinks segment are Crodino, Lemonsoda and its respective line extension dominating the Italian market. The Group has over 1,500 employees. The shares of the parent company, Davide Campari-Milano, are listed on the Italian Stock Exchange.