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Great food and now great music as Food Chain (Holdings) Limited choose TSC Music System 6/22/2007

Food Chain (Holdings) Limited, local operators of worldwide popular food franchises Burger King, Pizza Hut and KFC, has teamed up with Total Sound Communications (TSC) in the UK, a specialist in "bringing brands to life" through the supply and installation of in-store music systems. 

TSC has been profiling music for businesses, large and small for nearly 30 years, building a high reputation in other markets, outside UK. "No business unit is the same, and we offer consultation service for all our customers to ensure that we capture the essence of the brand image and deliver it through the music," explained Mr James Abdool, Managing Director for TSC Music Systems. "We work closely with the client taking into account major factors such as location, business type, unique selling points and typical customer profile to produce a music profile that's in tune with the business, customer and staff working inside the unit," concluded Mr Abdool.

Following some intensive trial runs, TSC Music System has been installed in 9 restaurants, where customers can now enjoy a different level of music, in line with the brand image. "We consider this new investment as essential in the upgrade of customer satisfaction in dining experience, which we already enjoy in all our restaurants," commented Mr Marco Debono, Marketing Executive for Food Chain (Holdings) Limited.

The system will be updated on a monthly basis, and all music content is screened for any contentious lyrical content and language that may cause offence to customers. Each track is carefully analysed for suitability, edited if necessary and categorised by style. This ensures that the music profiles always contain exactly the right content and provides peace of mind to the restaurant management.

TSC Music Systems are represented in Malta by Transient Light & Sound Limited.

Food Chain (Holdings) Limited is a subsidiary company of The Farsons Group of Companies, and is licensed to operate KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut and T.G.I. Friday's food franchises in Malta.