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The Board of Directors of Simonds Farsons Cisk plc has announced the appointment of Mr Norman Aquilina, as Chief Commercial Officer of the Farsons Group of Companies, as from 1 July 2007, a new position within the Group.

Mr Aquilina will assume overall responsibility for all the Group’s commercial activities which include the following areas: sales, marketing and distribution functions of Farsons (Sales & Marketing) Ltd, Wands Ltd, Anthony Caruana & Sons Ltd, Guido Vella Ltd and Food Chain (Holdings) Ltd.  He will retain his current responsibilities for Quintano Foods Ltd, Eco Pure Premium Water Co Ltd and Vita Sana srl.  In his new extended role, Mr Aquilina will continue to be a member of the Farsons Group Executive Board chaired by the CEO, Mr Louis A Farrugia.

Over the years Mr Aquilina has successfully managed Quintano Foods Ltd, a leading food importation and distribution company. Mr Aquilina brings to his role an extensive business background developed over the years through a deep involvement in the affairs of the Malta Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise.

Mr Aquilina is married to Sharon, nee Mercieca, and has two children Bettina (11) and Timothy (9).