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Kinnie adds ZEST to local soft drinks market 4/20/2007

Simonds Farsons Cisk plc, has just launched the most recent innovation in the Kinnie range, Kinnie Zest.

Kinnie Zest a low calorie soft drink, with no sugar and enhanced orange flavour.

“Kinnie Zest is the drink of choice for health-conscious, young adults and its daring and adventurous personality will reinforce this,” said Ms Lara Micallef, Brand Executive for Kinnie Zest. “Consumers’ active interest in health and wellbeing has created a demand for beverages that are more suited to their lifestyle, and with no sugar and less than one calorie this soft drink will surely attract consumers who are more conscious of their health.”

Kinnie Zest is available in 25cl and 1 litre returnable bottles in leading bars, supermarkets, confectioneries and groceries throughout Malta and Gozo.