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Pepsi-Cola unveils new marketing approach 4/12/2007

Beginning this month, Pepsi-Cola will interact with consumers in a different way than ever before. Embracing today’s need to constantly evolve, enable discovery and engage the people who know it best, consumers, Pepsi is reaching out via a global brand philosophy.

Pepsi will connect with consumers via a 3D marketing campaign that will be reflected all over the world on TV, radio, in print, packaging and online. Central to Pepsi’s new marketing philosophy are consumers who will be able to interact with the brand, create their own Pepsi experience and help to shape those of other consumers around the world.

By engaging in a constant dialogue with consumers through traditional and digital communication channels, the brand to will reflect the ever-changing interests of Pepsi drinkers.

“Pepsi has always been driven by the spirit of youth and innovative marketing,” said Ron Coughlin, chief marketing officer, PepsiCo International Beverages. “Young people around the globe today seek discovery, connectedness, personalization and multiculturalism. Whenever a Pepsi is purchased anywhere in the world, our consumers will be led on a journey of discovery. That discovery will start with our new pack designs and led through to our interactive digital initiatives, where consumers can help shape future content.”

Pepsi's new global brand philosophy will be highlighted in new ad campaigns reflecting our consumers’ constant thirst for change and redefining their brand experience. This new philosophy will come to life in stores with merchandising, account-specific promotions and point-of-sale materials that will showcase an array of packaging representing the wide range of design graphics.

The first, most visible piece of the Pepsi-Cola global brand revitalisation will be new package graphics that change every few weeks. In its 109-year existence, Pepsi’s design has changed just 10 times, but to keep pace with the ever-changing interests of the “millennial” generation, this year the design will change more that 35 times around the world. The iconic Pepsi globe logo and name lettering will remain the same – as will Pepsi’s great taste - but the background graphics will change frequently to incorporate themes close to the hearts of teens and young adults, such as sports, music, fashion and cars.

The new graphics will be on more than eight billion Pepsi-Cola cans, bottles and cups throughout the world, across all Pepsi trademark brands, including Diet Pepsi, and Pepsi Max.

Not only will the packages look different, they’ll give consumers access to exclusive online content, games, contests and sweepstakes through unique web addresses on each design.

An evolving digital platform will allow a continuing conversation between Pepsi consumers, who can share their thoughts and creativity with others around the globe. Over a dozen digital applications have been created to allow consumers to customize their experience with the brand and “co-create” packaging designs and other brand elements. These exciting innovations can be accessed through the local Pepsi website : www.pepsiworld.com.mt.

In creating the global brand direction Pepsi worked closely with leading brand innovations agency the Arnell Group. Commenting on the new marketing philosophy, Peter Arnell, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of the Arnell Group said:This breakthrough innovation will redefine how a powerful and global brand can use its package as media, its communication as experience and its presence as inspiration. It will change the paradigm for how brands connect, communicate and relate to consumers.”

“Every day, all over the world, millions of people come in contact with a Pepsi,” noted Alison Schembri, Brand Executive for Pepsi in Malta. “We are now inviting consumers to interact with the brand on a whole new level.”

Pepsi is manufactured, marketed and distributed in Malta by Simonds Farsons Cisk plc.