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CISK EXCEL, the first low-carb beer in Malta 4/3/2007

Cisk, brewed and bottled by Simonds Farsons Cisk plc, has introduced a new addition to its range of beers: Cisk Excel, a low-carbohydrate beer that retains the original Cisk Lager taste, with the same alcohol level.

The first of its kind in Malta, Cisk Excel contains only 3.75grams carbohydrates per 25cl bottle – a significant reduction of 50% compared to a regular beer. This makes Cisk Excel a smarter alternative for health-conscious individuals leading an active lifestyle, but who still want to enjoy a great-tasting beer.

The recent global shift towards general weight loss and a healthy and active lifestyle has seen a major increase in demand for healthier food and drink options, with lower carbohydrates, preferably without foregoing the taste.

Carbohydrates are found in a large variety of foods and are transformed by the body into blood sugar, the body’s basic fuel. The consumption of this excess fuel that is not burned off during everyday activity and exercise makes the body respond by storing this energy as fat. If done within a balanced diet and with regular exercise, a reduction of intake of carbohydrates reduces energy intake, assisting in weight loss.

“Cisk Lager has won several major awards, and Cisk Excel is another fine quality lager that is brewed to the highest standards using only the choicest raw materials. Decades of brewing experience have created a beer rich in Cisk character but with 50% less carbs,” said Ms Jocelyn Degiorgio, Brand Executive for Cisk. “And with the same alcohol level and taste as a regular Cisk Lager, beer-lovers who are counting carbs can count on Cisk Excel; a smarter option without sacrificing great taste.”

Cisk Excel has an alcohol level of 4.2% and is packaged in 25cl glass bottles and 50cl cans. It is available nationwide in local stores, supermarkets, bars, pubs and restaurants.