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Cisk Export sponsors the BJ’s Music Marathon 3/13/2007

Local and foreign musicians jamming together at BJ's: from left - Edward Ellul on bass, UK musician of 'Baker Street' fame, Raphael Ravenscroft on saxophone, Julian Casha on guitar, and Reuben Navarro on drums.

The 18th edition of the BJ’s Music Marathon kicks off on Monday, 9th April. This annual week-long event at the popular BJ’s nightclub in Paceville is sponsored by Cisk Export.

The proceeds collected from this year’s marathon will be donated to WOW – Wishing Others Well – the social arm of the Millennium Chapel of Paceville.

One of the main music events of the year, the BJ’s Music Marathon is aimed at preserving live music as a form of entertainment. “However the event has another purpose – that of collecting funds for an organization that helps the local community. We commend the work done by WOW in the community. This initiative needs constant support as more and more people are seeking their help,” commented Mr Philip Fenech from BJ’s.

Ms Jocelyn Degiorgio, Brand Executive for Cisk Export, said, “Cisk Export has been associated with this event for a large number of years. We are extremely proud of this partnership with one of the main musical highlights of the year and the BJ’s Music Marathon is only one of the many events throughout the year being supported by Cisk Export.”

Musicians who would like to participate can contact Mr Philip Fenech on 9949 3534 or BJ’s Nightclub on 2137 7642 after 10pm. Any musicians or style of music can participate, as long as it is live.