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Danone Essensis now in Malta 3/2/2007

To have beautiful and healthy skin, it is essential to take good care of it every day.

Danone, the number one fresh yoghurt brand worldwide, has just launched the most recent innovation within its range, Essensis, to nourish the skin from the inside. 

Essensis, recently launched in a number of European countries including Malta, is a drink made from fermented milk and fruit, with Omega 6, green tea extract and vitamin E. These are all natural ingredients that are essential nutrients for our skin and well-being. This mixture of ingredients has been exclusively created by the Danone Institute, responsible for developing and disseminating scientific knowledge on diet and nutrition to benefit public health.

The natural ingredients in Essensis reach the deepest skin layers through the circulation system.  Essensis makes sure that the cells in the skin that arrive to the top layers during the skin renewal process are of the best quality. Moreover, apart from improving the quality of the skin, Essensis also reinforces the skin barrier, thus limiting external aggressions whilst ensuring that the skin is adequately hydrated.

For best results, Essensis should be taken daily (one bottle of 100grams), for around six weeks and can be consumed anytime of the day, according to preference.  

Essensis, which has only 1.5% fat and 72kcal per 100grams, is available in three delicious flavours: natural; raspberry and pomegranate; and peach and apricot, and comes in an attractive package of four bottles of 100grams each.

Danone food products are imported, marketed and distributed by Quintano Foods Limited, a subsidiary company of the Farsons Group of Companies.