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San Michel Fruitwaves now also available in 2 litre bottles 2/13/2007

San Michel Fruitwaves has just launched its lemon-lime flavour in a 2 litre bottle. San Michel Fruitwaves, now available on the market for 2 years, is a range of flavoured water that allows consumers to hydrate themselves, increasing their intake of water whilst still enjoying the different flavours.

Hugely popular, Fruitwaves is also available in 50cl bottles and comes in five different flavours : orange, lemon-lime, peach, strawberry and apple.

“Following positive feedback and demands by consumers, Fruitwaves has launched a 2 litre bottle which can be purchased in single bottles or in six-packs,” says Ms Yanika Mattei, Brand Executive for San Michel Fruitwaves. “2 litre Fruitwaves lemon-lime has been introduced with the aim of allowing families or individuals who have made this product a part of their healthy diet and drinking pattern, a more practical package for daily consumption at home,” continued Ms Mattei.

2 litre Fruitwaves lemon-lime is available in all leading supermarkets as well as groceries.