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World's best-tasting vodka launched in Malta 10/31/2006

Grey Goose Vodka, described as the world’s best-tasting vodka, has been launched in Malta by Wands Limited, importer and distributor of spirits, fine wines and beer. Grey Goose, which is the newest global acquisition by the Bacardi-Martini beverages group, is the top selling and the fastest growing premium vodka brand in the United States. 

Produced in the celebrated Cognac region of western France, Grey Goose Vodka is a unique product. From the finest French wheat to the natural spring water filtered through champagne limestone, every element that goes into its production is rigorously monitored under the watchful eye of the Maître de Chai.

The pure grain spirit undergoes a five-step distillation process. With each step, the true character and essence of the vodka is revealed.  The resulting spirit is then combined with the spring water to bring it to its optimal taste, thus creating the World’s Best Tasting Vodka. Grey Goose offers a unique style, taste and aroma, and, with its exceptionally smooth taste, the French vodka can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail.

“Grey Goose is the Vodka of choice for the sophisticated, brand conscious and cosmopolitan consumer,” said Petra Altenberger, brand manager for Grey Goose at Wands Ltd.  “This brand delivers superior quality to our customers who appreciate a luxury product”

Grey Goose is imported, distributed and marketed by Wands Ltd., a subsidiary of the Farsons Group of Companies, and is now available at leading restaurants, bars, hotels and directly from Wands Cash and Carry in Marsa.

For more details go on http://www.greygoose.com/.