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Bacardi launches mobile music radio service 8/2/2006

- World Class party soundtracks available 24/7

After the successful premier of the B-LIVE party in Malta held at Popeye village last month, Bacardi is proud to present another novelty in the world of music – BACARDI B-LIVE radio, a global on-line and mobile music radio service, providing pure uninterrupted music 24/7. BACARDI B-LIVE radio is jam-packed with uplifting party anthems and cutting edge tunes from the world's hottest dance floors created exclusively for the spirit brand by the music industry’s hottest talent. Music lovers can listen at anytime and even on the move as BACARDI B-LIVE radio is available online and on 3G mobile handsets.

With exclusive hour-long mixes from the world’s most exciting DJs including Dimitri from Paris, Cosmo, Qool DJ Marv, Spinna and Ashley Beedle, BACARDI B-LIVE radio has an exciting and vibrant choice of sounds to suit even the most eclectic taste. Fans eager to know more can see all the featured artists on the website http://www.bacardibliveradio.com/. (See Notes to Editors below, for which DJ is playing when on BACARDI B-LIVE radio).

BACARDI has worked with international producers to ‘release the spirit’ of well-known dance tracks, creating a contemporary new sound for today’s dance floors. Ben Mitchel and King Roc are the first producers to create these exciting remixes, exclusively for BACARDI B-LIVE radio, producing incredible new versions of Sugarhill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight and the S-Express Theme Tune respectively.

These tracks can be heard exclusively on BACARDI B-LIVE radio every hour, on the hour. However, a limited edition of White Label vinyl copies of the exclusive B-LIVE Radio hits will also be making their way on to dance floors. Discerning fans should listen on-line or on their mobile to ensure that they are the first to hear these fantastic new mixes.

BACARDI B-LIVE radio is easy to access. Adult users simply need to download the application from the dedicated website http://www.bacardibliveradio.com/ to connect to cutting edge party beats. What’s more, it is free to download. The only cost is the price of the data call so network contracts should be checked before listening. With the new technology and music content, BACARDI provides the soundtrack to life – whether that’s shared with friends or on the move.

Bacardi Rum is imported, marketed and distributed by Wands Limited, a subsidiary company of the Farsons Group of Companies.

BACARDI is currently the number one premium international rum brand in the world. Established in 1862 by Don Facundo Bacardi, who revolutionised rum by creating the world's first light smooth rum and the world's first white rum. Today BACARDI rum is sold in 180 countries around the world.

BACARDI rum is the authentic rum used in the Mojito - the original rum used in the Daiquiri and is at the heart of the world's best selling cocktail - BACARDI, coke and lime, known as the Cuba Libre. The top markets selling the highest volume of BACARDI products include USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain and Germany.

BACARDI is a registered trademark of Bacardi & Company Limited

B-LIVE, and BACARDI B-LIVE are trademarks of Bacardi & Company Limited.