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Bacardi B-LIVE goes to Malta 7/20/2006

Last Saturday, 15th July 2006, saw a premiere party event of Bacardi B-LIVE : Maltese DJ Joseph Armani in collaboration with international artist, JD Davis at Popeye Village. This unique venue was transformed for the night as a stellar line-up of contemporary artists took to the stage for an exclusive one-off collaborative showcase.

Joseph Armani, a well known DJ and remixer with international experience, was the evening’s conductor, mixing an exclusive selection of timeless tracks, classic covers and innovative instrumentals. JD Davis, who featured in David Guetta’s single, The World is Mine, collaborated with Joseph Armani. Other performers on Saturday included Ira Losco, guitarists and keyboardists together with fire dancers who were interacting with the artists and the music.

This event was part of the Bacardi B-LIVE concept, a constantly evolving global programme of music events from the world’s leading premium rum brand. Bacardi B-LIVE showcases emerging local and international artists, providing them with the opportunity to collaborate, delivering exceptional audio-visual experiences and promoting spontaneity through audience participation.

Bacardi B-Live builds on the runaway success of Bacardi B-BAR, seven years in the making and synonymous with outstanding parties, blending an exceptional mix of renowned DJs and outstanding Bacardi Rum cocktails.

Bacardi B-LIVE… Many artists collaborate. One Spirit released.

Bacardi Rum is imported, marketed and distributed by Wands Limited, a subsidiary company of the Farsons Group of Companies.

Bacardi is currently the number one premium international rum brand in the world. Established in 1862 by Don Facundo Bacardi, who revolutionised rum by creating the world's first light smooth rum and the world's first white rum.  Today Bacardi rum is sold in 180 countries around the world.

Bacardi rum is the authentic rum used in the Mojito - the original rum used in the Daiquiri and is at the heart of the world's best selling cocktail - Bacardi, coke and lime, known as the Cuba Libre.  The top markets selling the highest volume of Bacardi products include USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain and Germany.

Bacardi is a registered trademark of Bacardi & Company Limited

B-LIVE, and Bacardi B-LIVE are trademarks of Bacardi & Company Limited.