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Amarula Cream Liqueur now in Malta 5/3/2006

Amarula Cream Liqueur has just been launched in Malta by Wands Limited. An African drink, Amarula is made from the Marula fruit, from which it derives its distinctive flavour.

The rich yellow Marula fruit has its origins in Phalaborwa, close to the Kruger National Park where it is harvested from the mystical Marula or 'Elephant Tree', which is indigenous to sub-equatorial Africa, and then distilled.

After two years of maturation which brings out the characteristically flavourful Marula taste, the spirit is blended with the finest, fresh cream until a smooth consistency is formed. This combination of spirit and cream make Amarula very pleasant to drink – perfect ‘on the rocks’ at the bar or after a meal.

Amarula Cream Liqueur is available at leading restaurants, bars, supermarkets and bottle shops and directly from the Wands Cash and Carry in Marsa.