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San Michel Fruitwaves now also in apple and orange flavours 4/3/2006

San Michel Fruitwaves have just launched two new flavours in addition to their current range. The new orange and apple flavours complement the already existing flavours of strawberry, lemon-lime and peach.

“San Michel has always promoted the importance of drinking water especially in our hot climate,” states Ms Yanika Mattei, Brand Executive for San Michel. Ms Mattei credits the increased demand in the water segment to consumers’ increasing awareness of healthy eating and drinking habits.

However, she goes on to state that “despite the fact that most people would probably admit to knowing the importance of drinking eight glasses of water a day, in reality only a small percentage of individuals actually drink this amount. Several individuals think water is bland or boring, alternatively consumers need something that hydrates them, but with flavour,” continued Ms Mattei.

In order to target individuals who do not enjoy drinking water, San Michel launched Fruitwaves in 2004 – water with a hint of fruity flavour, which is healthy and at the same time fun and innovative. “We have launched these two new flavours after receiving positive feedback from our customer,” concluded Ms Mattei.

San Michel Fruitwaves orange and apple are now available at all leading grocers and supermarkets.