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Carlsberg hosting VIP area at Bay Music Awards 11/30/2005

This year Carlsberg is hosting the VIP area at the Bay Music Awards being held on Wednesday, 7th December 2005 at the Eden Arena in St Julian’s.

The Bay Music Awards, an annual event that honours the best in local music, is the perfect platform to reinforce Carlsberg’s association with music. “Carlsberg is proud to be sponsoring this event. Throughout the years Carlsberg has been very much involved with the music scene. This year the brand has supported several local artists, both DJs and unplugged events. Therefore the Bay Music Awards is the highlight of events when considering the local music scene,” said Ms Yanika Mattei, Carlsberg Brand Executive in Malta.

Daily competitions on Bay Radio from Monday to Saturday offer lucky winners five VIP Passes each. These competitions reinforce Carlsberg's international message, which promotes a Drink with a world of Friends concept.

“Great beer, great artists, great venue – altogether a perfect recipe for 'Probably the best night of the year'!” concluded Ms Mattei.