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Pepsi Football Festival launched by the Youth Football Association 11/18/2005

The Pepsi Football Festival Season 2005/06 was launched yesterday by the Youth Football Association (YFA) during a meeting held for all Youth Nurseries at the Farsons Brewery.

The games for Under-10 and Under-12 teams will be held between November and May with a participation of forty-three teams. The Under-10 matches will kick off on Saturday, 19th November and will be played at various grounds. The Under-12 matches kick off on Saturday, 3rd December and will all be played at the Centenary Stadium.

“It has always been important to the YFA to make sure all matches are played on artificial turf, in order to further develop the standard and skills of young football players. The Under-10 matches will be played in various grounds such as Floriana Ground, Infetti Ground in Birkirkara, Gudja Ground, University Ground, St. Patrick’s Ground in Zabbar and Hibs Ground in Paola,” said Mr Alfred Cacciattolo, Chairman of the Organising Committee for the Pepsi Football Festival.

Fr Hilary Tagliaferro, President of the YFA, stressed the importance of discouraging competition and pressure on winning. “Small-sided games are the ideal opportunity to give all children a chance to play. In this way, we can develop young players’ football talent without undue pressure. It is also important for parents and coaches to understand that a focus has to be made on fair play so that whilst developing children’s football skills, we are also building their characters,” said Fr Hilary.

The parents of the players and the general public are invited to watch the games.

“Pepsi has a long-standing history of sponsorship agreement with the YFA. This is the perfect opportunity for a brand that is associated worldwide with the game of football to reach a young target market. During the Pepsi Football Festival, whilst improving their football skills, children are also developing social skills and enjoying themselves playing at a game they love,” said Mr Ivan Filletti, Marketing Manager, Simonds Farsons Cisk plc.

Ms Alison Schembri, Pepsi Brand Executive said that Pepsi is associated with football giants such as Alessandro Nesta, David Beckham, Ronaldinho and many others from different countries that are competing in the World Cup. “It is an honour for these children to be associated with a global beverage brand that is now synonymous with a sport loved the world over.”

Fr Hilary concluded by thanking Pepsi for its long-standing support of children’s education through football and their cooperation in the organization of the festival.