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Wands launches week-long End-of-Bin wine sale 10/27/2005

Wands Limited will be holding an End-of-Bin wine sale starting on Friday 28th October 2005 at their Cash & Carry outlet in Marsa. Visitors will find an extensive range of quality fine wines from all over the world at competitive prices.

Wands’ Cash & Carry has proved to be a real haven for all wine lovers. Apart from good value for money, Wands is reputed for its wine selection, quality and storage. Wines are stored in temperature-controlled warehouses.

“During this Wine Sale, Wands will be displaying different wines everyday. Each day will be a different experience so that our customers will have the opportunity to stock up on some premium wines from around the world,” said David Micallef St. John, Manager - Wine Department, Wands Limited.

“Our regular customers are aware of the excellent deals that can be made during our Wine Sales at Wands Cash & Carry and this year’s sale is not going to be an exception” continued Mr Micallef St John. 

Wands guarantee the quality of the wines on sale, which make these wine sales quite special.  They are sales which wine lovers, who either wish to acquire some wines to keep, or else buy wine to drink immediately look forward to. Those who are not so familiar with some of the wines on sale find helpful staff who can advise them on the various wines. Wands Cash & Carry offers the possibility of browsing in a very congenial atmosphere, with no parking problems open even during lunch breaks.

The Wine Sale will be on till Friday 4th November 2005 from 9am till 7pm on weekdays and from 9am till 1pm on Saturday, or until stocks last.