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Don Ross Kinnie Hoopsters Basketball School commences on Friday 9/7/2005

The first term of the Don Ross Kinnie Hoopster Basketball School will commence on Friday, 9 September 2005. The training sessions will be held from 5.00pm till 7.00pm at Naxxar Trade School and at the court in Ta’ l-Ibragg, St. Andrews, located opposite the Halland Hotel.

Don Ross, the well known American-Maltese basketball player, believes that basketball needs a big boost at grass roots level. He said:  “Our school is always striving to attract young participants to the game. We provide youth mini-basket programmes to give the young players opportunities to learn and improve their basketball skills.”

Youngsters who enroll with the Don Ross Kinnie Hoopster Basketball School will be assigned to different categories according to their age. The training sessions are open for boys and girls aged between 5 and 11 years.

Kinnie Brand Executive, Lara Micallef said: “Kinnie is extending its sponsorship to the 2005/2006 training season of Don Ross’s School of Basketball. We believe that children should participate actively in a sport and basketball will surely bring them many benefits both physically and socially.”

Registrations for the Don Ross Kinnie Hoopster Basketball School can be made by contacting Don Ross on telephone number 9926 5772 or via sms (please include name, address and age) or else via email: donrossball@hotmail.com.