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Mountain Dew takes to skateboarding 5/2/2005

Mountain Dew, the international low-carbonated soft drink recently launched in Malta, is the official sponsor of the Malta Skaters Club (MSU). The MSU is a club for young skaters whose ages vary from five years old to 25 and practice the sport at the recessed Msida subway.

Introduced here last month, Mountain Dew is an energizing and thirst-quenching soft drink, with a unique citrus taste. Targeted at teens and young adults who embrace excitement, adventure and outrageous fun, its caffeine content makes it appealing to teens as an alternative to colas. Mountain Dew is available in 25cl glass bottles.

Internationally, Mountain Dew is a strong supporter of action sports. “We are glad that Mountain Dew is the first brand to support the Malta Skaters Club. The skaters’ high energy matches Mountain Dew’s brand philosophy and we look forward to a great season of skateboarding,” said Ms Alison Schembri, Brand Manager for Mountain Dew in Malta.

“We are confident that Mountain Dew will be a great support for our young skateboarders,” said MSU president, Chris Jensen. “This collaboration will help build confidence in our organisation and in pursuing our goals. We are currently striving to have the site where we practice our sport recognised as a skate park from the authorities concerned.”

The MSU is an organisation of children and young people who have come together to promote the sport of skateboarding. They are calling for a skate park in Malta which would be accessible to all enthusiasts of skateboarding. The group currently practice the sport at Msida subway and while they have received the support of the Msida Local Council, the Minister for Urban Development and Roads and the Commissioner for Children, they still need the necessary permits to turn the place into an official skating site.

Mountain Dew is produced under the authority of PepsiCo by Simonds Farsons Cisk plc.