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Pepsi Max available in 25cl bottle 3/28/2005

In a world of growing expectations towards health and a new buzz around low calorie drinks, all health conscious people will welcome the re-launch of Pepsi Max in a new 25cl bottle. Pepsi Max is the only cola in the market that has the great taste of a regular Pepsi but contains no sugar.

“Pepsi Max is the cola for all those people out there who are uncompromising in what they want. With the full taste of a regular cola but still with no sugar, it will be easier to look and feel good and healthy,” said Alison Schembri, Brand Executive for Pepsi Cola in Malta.

Pepsi Max in 25cl returnable bottles is available from this week in kiosks, cafeterias, beach concessions, confectioneries and bars throughout Malta and Gozo.