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Wands introduces the Macallan Fine Oak 12-year old in Malta 2/18/2005

Wands Limited, exclusive importers of The Macallan, recently ranked 'best malt in the world' by industry bible “Whisky Magazine”, have introduced The Macallan Fine Oak 12 year old single malt Scotch whisky in Malta. Launched in the UK in 2004, The Macallan Fine Oak is the most ambitious initiative in the brand's illustrious 180 year history.

The secret of this new expression lies in its maturation in carefully selected European and American oak casks, which have previously held Sherry or Bourbon. The result of this unique cask combination is a delightfully smooth, delicate and light single malt from The Macallan.

"The Macallan has a history of great success with its lighter styles of single malt," said Matthew Turner, The Macallan's Global Brand Controller. "The Fine & Rare range of vintage Macallan from 1926 to 1973 also includes some superb examples of a lighter Macallan style.”

Confidence in The Macallan Fine Oak was firmly endorsed by very positive research findings in the US, their single largest market. There, The Macallan is highly regarded as a peerless single malt and luxury brand.

Jim Murray, comments: "At the time of coming face to face with The Macallan Fine Oak I had just tasted over 600 whiskies in two months for the Jim Murray Whisky Bible 2005 so my tastebuds were probably feeling a bit sorry for themselves. Now they were teased and caressed back to life by a series of stunners, one after another hitting around the 90 mark: it had never happened so often before from the same series of new whiskies."

The Macallan Fine Oak is distilled in Scotland at The Macallan Distillery in Craigellachie, Speyside, watched over by their Whisky Maker and his team. While this style of Macallan seems like an innovation, it also represents a continuation, by drawing on a traditional style which has been evident in certain bottlings of The Macallan, including some vintages in the Fine & Rare range. The Fine Oak range offers an individual expression of The Macallan house character, and is a style in its own right.

“The launch of The Macallan Fine Oak is the most important initiative in the long and proud history of The Macallan," said David Chetcuti Ganado, Brand Executive at Wands. "The positive response to The Macallan Fine Oak from renowned whisky experts around the world is a great assurance of superior quality for those Maltese who are very discerning and prefer a light single malt."