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KFC new official sponsors of Gzira United F.C. 11/25/2004

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Malta has just finalised a sponsorship agreement with Gzira United F.C. for the coming season 2004/05. The agreement will feature the popular Colonel’s face and KFC logo on the front of the official football kit.

Stefania Conte, General Manager for Food Chain (Holdings) Limited, operators of KFC in Malta, commented: “It is our pleasure to support Gzira United F.C. for the coming football season 2004/05. We have always been linked in one way or another with the Gzira community, since the opening of the only KFC outlet in Malta, and it was natural for us to accept the offer to sponsor a particular activity linked to the same town.”

During the presentation of the sponsorship, Marco Debono, Marketing Executive for KFC and Tyrone Demanuele, President of Gzira United F.C., both expressed their satisfaction at the fact that such an agreement has been reached, and augured well for a successful year with the right dose of sport spirit.

“This sponsorship agreement falls in line with the various initiatives that we have taken in recent years to support sports in Malta, such as rugby, waterpolo and lately, football. We are proud to be sponsoring our home team and wish them every success for the next season,” said Mr Debono.

Mr Demanuele said “The building that houses KFC was one of the first clubs of Gzira United F.C. so it is fitting that KFC are now our main sponsors! Incidentally, since we have been wearing the KFC logo on our gears, we too have won all our games!”

“We appreciate that a well-known international franchise like KFC is sponsoring a second division team,” concluded Mr Demanuele.

In addition, all members of Gzira United F.C. benefit from a 10% discount at KFC and all other Food Chain (Holdings) restaurants when presenting their membership card.