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San Michel makes waves with Fruitwaves 8/19/2004

San Michel has recently launched Fruitwaves, a range of water, in three flavours: lemon-lime, peach and strawberry. Throughout the years, San Michel has become a household name by promoting a healthy lifestyle and this new range of water with a fruity flavour is fun and innovative.

In recent years there has been an increased demand in the water segment due to consumers’ increasing awareness of healthy eating and drinking habits. “However, although a majority of people would probably admit to knowing the importance of drinking eight glasses of water a day, only a small percentage of individuals actually drink this amount,” said Ms Yanika Mattei, Brand Executive for San Michel.

“Many consumers, especially young adults, think water is tasteless or boring and opt for a variety of sweetened products available on the market. Consumers need something that hydrates them, but with flavour. This is what Fruitwaves is offering – water with a difference, with an element of fun. Water which offers the consumer a pleasant experience,” continued Ms Mattei.

Dr Mario Spiteri, Head of Health Promotion Department states that “the importance of drinking water can never be overestimated especially during our long hot summers or when we engage in strenuous activities. Drinking water helps to refresh the body by providing it with minerals lost during perspiration which in itself is nature’s cooling mechanism. Fruitwaves help by facilitating a higher water uptake.“

Dr Spiteri goes on to say that “San Michel Fruitwaves are an ideal thirst quenching, tasty alternative to drinking water. They are low in calories and contain fructose as a natural fruit derived sweetener.”

Besides being a good source of water intake, San Michel Fruitwaves is a good source of vitamin intake. Ms Yvette Azzopardi, Nutritionist at the Health Promotion Department said, “A glass of San Michel Fruitwaves will allow a person to consume 30% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamins B3, B5, B6 and Folic Acid. All these vitamins perform and work together to maintain good health and vitality.”

San Michel Fruitwaves are available in all leading supermarkets and groceries as well as a majority of bars and kiosks around the island.