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Launch of new Breakers 2 litre package 7/5/2004

Breakers, the popular non-carbonated, fruit juice-based drink has launched a convenient 2 litre family pack with great flavours such as orange, peach, orzata and lemon.

This new family pack targets convenience as there is no more messy mixing, and all the consumer has to do is pour and drink. The great taste with added vitamins and bright coloured 2 litre bottles has increased the innovativeness of Breakers.

Breakers Brand Executive, Lara Micallef said, “Following the success that Breakers 50cl has had, we felt that it was time to further build on the popularity that this product has on the local market, by introducing the new 2 litre family pack. Without a doubt, Breakers is the exciting alternative to soft drinks and fruit juices, and provides a greater choice to consumers who are looking for convenience. With the slogan ‘Just pour and drink’ the message is clear, there is no need for mixing: we did the work for you.”