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San Michel sponsors the Health Promotion Department 6/4/2004

San Michel, one of Malta’s leading table waters is currently sponsoring the Health Promotion Department. Part of the sponsorship includes the provision of a car which officers from the Health Promotion Department will be using in their visits to schools and within the community to spread awareness about the importance of water in people’s lives.

As Marianne Massa, Principal Health Promotion Officer at the Health Promotion Department states, “Schools are a significant medium to get our message across. Individuals should be educated to implement a healthy lifestyle from a very young age with the potential result of their practicing healthier lifestyles throughout their daily lives in the future. We try to entice young children to start practicing healthy diets continuously and we promote the drinking of (mineral) water as an integral part of this healthy lifestyle.”

For instance, throughout one of their campaigns, Healthy Eating, water was being described by the Health Promotion Department as “an alternative to sugared drinks and juices, not only from the nutrition point of view, but also to target the high incidence of dental caries in young children.”

Yanika Mattei, San Michel Brand Executive said, “The aim is to attempt to continuously educate our public and aid in the increase of a healthier lifestyle for all.”

“Throughout the years, San Michel has been renowned for sponsoring major sporting events such as the Small Nations Games and the Malta Marathon as well as other sports such as tennis and athletics. However, San Michel is continuously seeking to promote a healthy well-being, which is the main reason behind the sponsorship of the Health Promotion Department. Ultimately this is in line with San Michel’s values, image and message to its consumers, a message which is representative of quality and purity,” continued Ms Mattei.

On approaching the hot summer months, a campaign called ‘Jekk Tixxemmex Titkemmex’ will be running. This campaign informs the public about the importance of drinking at least 2 litres of mineral water a day together with the importance of taking care of their skin.

For more information about campaigns being held by the Health Promotion Department contact the Department on 21 231247.