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New wine company and two own ranges of wines 5/14/2004

The Trident Wine Company, a subsidiary Company within the Farsons Group, today launched its own two ranges of wines from different regions around the world.

Compass Point and Villa Tritone the two Private Label Wines of the new Company can be described as exclusive brands developed with specific markets in mind. This is the first time that Private Label Wines have been introduced by a Maltese Company.

Private Label Wines are becoming very popular around the world as they offer the opportunity for companies to purchase only the best vintage from any particular region, allow for even more control on the quality and style of wine as grape suppliers know that they have no other option but to provide private label wine companies with their very best products.

Mr Anthony Tabone, Managing Director of Trident Wine Company said: “As from today, The Farsons Group has its own wine company. The Trident Wine Company has been created as a separate entity.  Wands Limited and Anthony Caruana & Sons, two other subsidiary companies within the Group, have been importing fine wines for many years. However, The Trident Wine Company will be carrying out a different type of business. We now have our own wine buyers who search from the best varietals and vintages from a number of regions and we have our own two labels.  Our task is to provide the Maltese consumer and visiting tourists to Malta, good value for quality wine at attractive prices. Both Villa Tritone and Compass Point are the Company’s own registered Trade Marks.

“The wine market in Malta is going through significant changes both, politically and economically - as a result of Malta’s EU entry, as well as socially and culturally as a result of emerging trends in the way the Maltese are relating with wine. We are living in a new reality, and all of us need to understand how we Maltese can direct it to positively affect our social mores, including what we drink and eat. One of the benefits of Malta’s entry in the EU is for the consumer to have a wider choice both in terms of quality and price and we are aiming to do just that,” he said.

“This is a complex project.  Year after year, The Trident Wine Company  will be selecting only the best value wines coming from different parts of the world.  It is also vital that these wines meet the high reputation for quality and excellence that Farsons has established throughout the last 75 years of its existence. For this purpose, Trident Wine Company has appointed Mr Howard Price as its Wines Development Manager,” said Mr Tabone.

Mr Price has over 13 years’ experience of wine buying and marketing for leading UK wine retailers which include Sainsbury’s and Oddbins, the latter acknowledged as the UK’s leading high street wine merchant. He has travelled extensively within the wine regions of California, Chile, South Africa, Italy, France and Spain and is familiar with the latest trends in the wine world.

Mr Price had flowing praise for the first four wines in the Compass Point range for 2004 which have been launched this week. These are :

Compass Point Colombard Sauvignon – a delicious, refreshing white wine from the South of France. It is delightfully aromatic and makes for light easy-drinking whatever the occasion. Lime and other citrus fruits dominate the flavours. This wine would be ideal with seafood or summer salads and is perfect for parties.

Compass Point Chardonnay – comes from the South of France where the grape thrives in ideal growing conditions.  It has an intensely fruity nost with hints of peach and citrus. The palate is rich and full-bodied, but without the influence of oak making it ideal as a refreshing aperitif or to accompany white meats, grilled fish and salads.

Compass Point Merlot – a fine example top quality winemaking.  Velvety soft and ripe on the palate, it has flavours reminiscent of black cherries, plums and vanilla. Merlot wines like this are popular with wine drinkers around the world these days because their style is so rich and smooth, making them suitable for almost any occasion.

Compass Point Cabernet Sauvignon Tempranillo – is a fruit-packed, vibrant Spanish red created by one of the most dynamic and exciting producers in the Val de Penas region.  By combining the classic Cabernet qualities of structure and finesse with the lively, soft fruit of Spain’s most famous grape, Tempranillo is wonderfully drinkable and brilliant with barbeques.

Compass Point Cabernet Sauvignon  is sourced from some wonderful Chilean vineyards. The wines of “the long thin country” are respected internationally for fabulous fruit and consistent high quality.  This Cabernet has intense, ripe, blackberry and cherry flavours. Its soft, supple tannins make it versatile and delicious, alone or with food.

Compass Point Syrah – comes from the South of France where the grape thrives in ideal growing conditions. It is wonderfully spicy with heady aromas of blackberries and characteristic hints of smoky bacon.   The palate is rounded and supple with plenty of fruit.  The structure makes it the perfect partner for red meat and strong cheeses.

Compass Point Sauvignon Blanc – is an intensely aromatic and full flavoured wine with crisp acidity and typical citrus fruit character. The Sauvignon grape flourishes in the growing conditions of Chile’s central valley, and wine-makers there have perfected the art of keeping the freshness and vitality of the wine, whilst also achieving rich and tropical fruit flavours.

Compass Point is offering Maltese consumers a range of best quality for value wines that was not available before in Malta.

The Trident Wine Company has also officially launched Villa Tritone, a Red and White from Argentina, an easy to drink quality priced at 95 cents per bottle. This wine, which is within reach of nearly all household budgets in Malta, offers imported vintage wine at an unbeatable price. 

Mr Price said: “The world of wines is incredibly complex.  In any given year, certain grape varieties are better than others in certain regions more than others. This is mainly the result of numerous factors, such as the climate and soil in which they grow. Therefore, every year there is a whole set of new wines and a new vintage.  And this is apart from the fact that new growers are entering the market each year. This is a really big challenge even for an experienced professional wine buyer, so just think how difficult it is for the majority of consumers to purchase the best wines according to their price range.”

“Compass Point will be helping in making life simpler for the Maltese consumer where the selection of wine is concerned. We do the traveling around the world and the selection of those harvests that deliver smooth, soft, easy-drinking wines.  All the consumer has to do is pick his choice and enjoy it,” said Mr Price.

Mr Tabone concluded: “Compass Point and Villa Tritone will be offering not only choice at an unbeatable price, year after year, but also wines that can be even more appreciated as we Maltese become more discerning in our choices.”