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7Up Ice adds the chill to Flyzone 5/4/2004

7Up Ice, a new chillingly-refreshing non-alcoholic drink, will be cooling the crowd this weekend at Flyzone happening at St. James Cavalier – Centre for Creativity in Valletta.  Scheduled to hit the summer parties and beach resorts, 7Up Ice is the newest addition to the Farsons beverage portfolio, offering consumers a tasty and refreshing flavour.

“7Up Ice is a cool alternative drink,” said Alison Schembri, 7Up Brand Executive. “It has its own unique flavour which makes it an ideal thirst quencher for Malta’s warm summer months. There are clear indications that this interesting lemon-lime taste with a cooling sensation will be popular with teens and young adults, as it already is in Portugal.”

Flyzone, a party featuring a fusion of music and electronic art, will be hosted at St James Cavalier – Centre for Creativity in Valletta.  Starting at 9.00pm on Saturday 8th May, forty Maltese and European artists who specialise in electronically-generated art and music will be participating in various activities.

7Up Ice will be available from leading bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels, and beach concessions in handy 20cl glass bottles. 

The new product is bottled and produced under the authority of Seven Up International by Simonds Farsons Cisk plc. The 7Up brands also include the regular 7Up, and Diet 7Up.