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Fun Day at Don Ross Kinnie School of Basketball 3/26/2004

Next Wednesday, Don Ross, the well-known basketball coach, is organising a day of fun and games at St Martin’s College, in Swatar, between 9.30am to 2.30pm.  The aim of the activity is to raise funds for purchasing of sports equipment for the Don Ross Kinnie School of Basketball.

“Our basketball members, their parents and relatives as well as all basketball enthusiasts are invited to join us in our activity.  This initiative will help the Don Ross Kinnie School of Basketball to invest in the school’s basketball equipment for the benefit of our kids,” said Don Ross. Participants will be playing basketball games and there will be also a match against parents.

Kinnie Brand Executive, Alison Bezzina, said: “Kinnie is synonymous with basketball. We always seek new initiatives to provide opportunities for young children to practice their basketball talents in a fun and healthy environment.”

During the day, Kinnie giveaways will be distributed to participants.

Those who are interested in finding out more about the Don Ross Kinnie School of Basketball may contact Don Ross on telephone number 9926 5772 or via email: donrossball@hotmail.com