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Gatorade participates in medical seminar 2/11/2004

Gatorade has participated in a medical seminar organized by the Medical Commission of the Malta Olympic Committee, in collaboration with Olympic Solidarity. The purpose of this seminar was to highlight ways of improving athletes’ performance in the field of sport.

The seminar, “Correct Usage of Erogenic Aids and Nutrition Advice to help athletes improve their performance” was held last weekend at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sliema. Speakers included a number of local and foreign guests.

“Gatorade’s involvement in this seminar supports the product’s long history of helping athletes achieve their goals by formulating products they can trust to meet their hydration and nutrition needs,” said Jocelyn Degiorgio, Marketing Executive for Gatorade. “We have just introduced new flavours in the local market: Cool Blue, Tropical and Lemon Ice that will surely be as popular with our athletes as the established flavours.”

Gatorade is scientifically formulated to rapidly replace the fluid, electrolytes and energy lost during any kind of physical activity. It provides the optimal balance of carbohydrate, minerals and fluid to absorb rapid replenishment.

Gatorade is imported by Wands Limited, a subsidiary of Simonds Farsons Cisk plc and is available in the following flavours: Orange, Cool Blue, Tropical and Lemon in 50cl packages, and Orange and Lemon Ice in 75cl packages.