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Winter Glow - Premium Red Ale: The latest from Farsons Special Brews 12/22/2003

Christmas is a special season which truly calls for a seriously special brew. Winter Glow 2003 is the third brew to be launched in the Farsons Special Brews series this year.  Winter Glow 2003 will be followed by a Special Brew to usher in Spring 2004.

Winter Glow - Premium Red Ale, is an all malt, full-bodied, high gravity, top fermented English type dark ale with a typical “malty” sweetness tinged with a yeast-derived fruitiness. The exclusive use of a blend of the best English malts, combined with the finest selection of traditional English hops, gives this beer its strong, full-bodied fruity and hoppy flavours. A faint smoky character arising from the malt kilning process gives the product a remarkable finish.

Best served at 12-16 degrees C in its Special Brews Glass, this beer complements richly flavoured foods. Due to its warming mellowness, it is best enjoyed during the cooler months of the year.

Click here for more details on where it can be found: www.farsons.com/specialbrews