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Kellogg's and Sunkist Juices support Radio RTK Christmas Campaign 12/18/2003

RTK’s Familji fil-Bzonn annual campaign in aid of families in need, is continuing its activities with a party for disadvantaged children in Malta.  This party will be held this Saturday, 20th December 2003 at 9.30am at Fra Diegu Institute in Hamrun.

Saturday’s party will be mainly supported by Kellogg’s and Sunkist Juices, amongst other sponsors.  The day’s activities will start at RTK studios at Blata l-Bajda, from where Father Christmas and Mother Christmas will leave in a horse drawn carriage.  Two mounted police and two Police Mobile Squad motorbikes will also accompany Father and Mother Christmas to the party, where they will surprise all the children.  Animators will also be present to entertain the children.

The campaign, which runs in all the schools in Malta and Gozo, helps to raise funds for children whose families are in difficulty as well as for refugee children in Malta.  All those children and families under the care of the Djar at-Tfal central office will be able to benefit from these collected funds.

Victor Formosa, executive chairman of RTK, said Kellogg’s and Farsons contribution is strengthening the station’s commitment towards the Familji fil-Bzonn campaign.

The campaign is now in its third week.  Anyone who wishes to make a donation may go at Fra Diegu Institute next Saturday morning and leave their donations there.  Donations may be put directly in the RTK campaign bank accounts at APS (account 105431 10022), BOV (400 10162286), HSBC (033157 108050) and Lombard (014401 58920).  Donations may also be made at Radio RTK in Blata l-Bajda or by telephone until next Sunday.  A Lm3 donation may also be given by sending a Vodafone or Go Mobile SMS on: 5061 8911.