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Maltese Solidarity for the Kinnie Guinness World Record Attempt 11/15/2003

The Kinnie Guinness World Record Attempt, yesterday was a spectacular event for the crowd that filled the Granaries in Floriana to show solidarity for Malta to print its name in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The event, organised by WearWords in collaboration with XFM 100.2, and sponsored by Kinnie, has set another world record – the world’s largest hand painted suspended logo and the first of its kind.  The gigantic Kinnie logo, the work of artist David Mallia of Artlines, was hung in front of the building of the Catholic Institute.

At about 4.30pm, the event reached its highlight with the formation of a human rainbow consisting of the crowd of people all wearing different coloured t-shirts symbolising unity and peace. A micro light airplane flew over the Granaries to take pictures of the Human Rainbow and the huge suspended Kinnie logo.

“It will be some months before we receive certification from the auditors of the Guinness World Record,” said Anthony Attard, organising committee member for WearWords.  “We are pleased that the Maltese supported our island’s attempt to break a world record in creating the largest human rainbow, which also served as a fundraising event.”

Kinnie Brand Executive, Alison Bezzina said: “The Kinnie Guinness World Record Attempt, a first in Malta, was a success.  Kinnie, Malta’s ‘national’ soft-drink is proud to share the enthusiasm and support of the Maltese generosity and to have its own record of the gigantic logo.”

The Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami, Labour Deputy Leader Charles Mangion, and Alternattiva Demokratika Chairman Harry Vassallo also attended the event and performed a symbolic exchange of t-shirts.

During the event, the lucky winner of a flight to the island of Antigua in the Caribbean was announced. The flight was courtesy of Bridge 2 d World.  Other prizes including Sony Discman, Badger Karting Arrive & Drive vouchers, gifts from Go Mobile and Kinnie were also won.

Over 30 leading Maltese singers and bands provided a magnificient evening of entertainment.  The programme continued with the concert ‘Kantanti ghall-Paci’ highlighting songs dedicated to peace and tolerance and was followed by a line up of more bands and singers who entertained the crowds till late evening.  The lovable characters of Kinnie Kool Kat and Pizza Pooch (the dog) entertained the young audience.