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A new look for farsons.com 11/5/2003

The Farsons Group of Companies has revamped its website www.farsons.com making it more flexible, user-friendly and informative and giving it a contemporary look reflecting the modern outlook of this Company which is this year celebrating its 75th Anniversary.

The new website reflects the company’s leading role in the marketing and production of beverages. Whilst promoting a worldwide image through its global, franchise brands, the site also highlights its own brands’ international awards and recognition. It is a showcase for the Farsons Group’s diverse range of products and brands.

Other useful features on the website also include the Group’s history, financial and export information as well as the latest company news.  The website is now ideal for research purposes and information has been made easily accessible through a ‘Search’ facility. Investors and prospective investors can now check the current Share Price and other trading information on the website.

Moreover, two innovative features are the Brewery Tour and the History Timeline found under Farsons Group of Companies and by clicking on ‘Group History’. These two features are also available for download.