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Simonds Farsons Cisk 75th Anniversary Celebration Concert 10/25/2003

‘Through Neptune’s Eyes’, a celebration concert, to mark the 75th Anniversary of Simonds Farsons Cisk took place at The New Hilton Conference Centre, Portomaso. The celebration concert was held under the patronage of His Excellency Professor Guido de Marco, President of Malta.

The very first Maltese beer, Farsons Pale Ale, was launched by entrepreneur Lewis Victor  Farrugia in 1928. From relatively humble origins, Farsons has grown to become one of the pre-eminent Maltese business groups, run by Maltese personnel, producing Maltese flagship brands and 100% Maltese owned.   

One of the highlights of the concert was an impressive audiovisual presentation, featuring live narration and musical performances. The presentation traced key milestones of the Company’s history over the past 75 years in the context of Malta’s social and economic progress.

In his address, Farsons Group Chief Executive Mr Louis A. Farrugia, son of the founder Lewis Victor Farrugia, welcomed the many distinguished guests, which included descendants of the three founding groups, the Simonds, the Scicluna as well as the Farrugia families.

Mr Farrugia paid a special tribute to ‘Nini’ Miceli-Farrugia, past Chairman and Managing Director, whose contributions to Farsons included the launching of Kinnie, and was particularly pleased to welcome Dame Lilian Miceli Farrugia.

The Group’s diversification strategy has led to the setting up of Food Chain Holdings and Wands which imports and markets leading international brands of spirits, wines, non-alcoholic beverages and beers. 

‘The vision and determination of the pioneers of this business, inspires us all till this day.’ said Mr Farrugia. ‘Farsons now looks forward to an exciting future as a more diversified group of companies still providing excellent products and services, security to its employees and a continued good return on investment to its shareholders’.

In his speech, Mr Bryan A Gera, Chairman of Simonds Farsons Cisk, said: “It is encouraging to witness the confidence and trust which the Maltese public has shown in our company since our first public share issue in 1948’. The Farsons Group has always   been referred to as a model employer. Mr Gera acknowledged the contribution made by all Group employees to establish Farsons on such a firm footing.

In his concluding address, Professor de Marco commented: “Notwithstanding the difficulties brought about by the political, economic and social situation in the first decades of last century, Farsons soldiered on. Over the last 75 years, Farsons developed into a leading Maltese Group of Companies producing a portfolio of high quality products. With excellent management and a highly prepared workforce, Farsons can be defined as a shining example of a commendable relationship between management and workforce.  All these characteristics are a guarantee that Farsons is here to stay.’

The evening came to an end with a classical concert, featuring some of Malta’s leading young talent, namely: Claire Angèle Baluci, The aka Phellas, The Jubal Ensemble, Noel Galea, Miriam Cauchi, Simon Abdilla Joslin, Rosetta de Battista and Janet Vella.

Among the distinguished guests were the Prime Minister and Mrs Fenech Adami, as well as  number of senior representatives from international companies associated with the Farsons group. These included: Mr  Raymond Simonds, son of Duncan Simonds who was managing director of Simonds Brewery till 1963 and Mrs Simonds; Mr Willem Jan Rote Vice President (Western Europe) of Pepsico Beverages International and Mrs Rote; Dott Antonio Molinari, owner of the world famous Sambuca Molinari and Mrs Molinari.