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Launch of Amber Fall – A Premium Brewmaster’s Ale 10/16/2003

Amber Fall 2003 is the second brew in the Farsons Special Brews series to be launched, following the success of Summer Festival 2003.

Amber Fall is a pleasantly full-bodied ale with a deep amber colour derived from a blend of moderately roasted malts. A special maturation process gives the beer an interesting fruity character enhanced by the hoppy notes of a complex blend of English hops to be enjoyed throughout Autumn. Amber Fall is a perfect accompaniment to pork dishes, lamb and smoked foods.

Mr. Albert Calleja, General Manager – Beers Business Unit, said, “Amber Fall 2003 is a specialty beer crafted by Farsons brewers. Farsons brewers have 75 years of experience in ale brewing and up to this very day, we still employ the same yeast strain used by our first brewers in the late 1920's. Developing a product like Amber Fall 2003 clearly calls for years of brewing expertise”.

“Our brewmasters believe that Farsons Special Brews give our more discerning customers an opportunity to hear more about the art of brewing inherited from our forefathers and at the same time learn how to serve and enjoy various types of beer at their best.” concluded Mr. Calleja.

Farsons Special Brews is a series of limited edition beers designed and produced for the premium beverage market. The whole range consists of four brews of the highest quality each linked to the different seasons of the year.

The beers in the Farsons Special Brews series are available in limited quantities and each bottle is individually numbered, making them unique in every way. Amber Fall will be followed by a Special Brew for the Christmas season, and yet another to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

Amber Fall is available at leading outlets in Malta and Gozo.