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Kinnie Sponsors A World Record Breaking Event 8/14/2003

Kinnie is the main sponsor of Malta's biggest fund raising event, which is set to break the Guinness World Record for the largest Human Rainbow. This event will be held to mark the European year for disabled people as well as to serve as a symbol to encourage peace and inspire tolerance.

This event is organised by WearWords Ltd, a new company that provides professional fundraising and awareness services to philanthropic institutions. WearWords plans to gather over 12,000 people wearing coloured T-shirts at the Granaries in Floriana on November 15, 2003.

Many charities are already taking advantage this fundraising opportunity and are selling passes for the event, with funds going for their own particular cause. For every pass sold at Lm5, a philanthropic organisation will retain Lm2.

All those in possession of a pass purchased either online or from one of the participating charitable institutions, will be given a free participation t-shirt, as well as access to the biggest fund raising event on the island that will host a line up of Malta's best musicians, entertainers, live bands and performers at the Granaries. There will also be children's play area, food stalls and bars. The highlight of the event will be the composition of a coloured human rainbow, which will be followed by a full-blown celebration party.

Kinnie Brand Executive, Alison Bezzina said: "Farsons invites the Maltese people, who are known for their generosity and kind heartedness, to support this fundraising activity on 15th November 2003. We are grateful for WearWords for involving Kinnie, Malta's national drink, in this noble cause."

To date, this world record belongs to China. The event took place on the 6th October 2002, where 11,273 staff and students from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University wore a coloured T-shirt of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo and raised funds for the Children's Cancer Foundation.

Well-known TV personality and spokesperson for WearWords, Ray Calleja, said "It is now Malta's turn to prove its generous superiority over any country in the world. Each and every philanthropic organisation, company, business, political party and individuals alike, are being invited to come together for ONE good cause. Funds will be directed to all participating charitable institutions or organizations"

"We have also had a strong response from private companies and businesses willing to lend a helping hand. XFM 100.2FM is the event's official radio partner and will be transmitting updated information up to, and on the day of the event. Print Services and di-ve.com have offered their services for free and Malta's favourite soft drink, Kinnie, is the main sponsor of the event," said popular TV presenter and producer Claire Aguis, who is also a spokesperson for WearWords Ltd.

The attempt to break the World Record will be held on the 15th November 2003 at the Granaries in Floriana. Guinness World Record representatives will monitor the event. Apart from the money raised for the individual charities, in the eventuality that a new world record is set in Malta, all the participating charities will be receiving a Guinness World Record certificate as evidence of being a part of this amazing one time feat on our island.

Any philanthropic organisation which has not yet been contacted and wishes to participate in this scheme may contact WearWords Ltd for further information or if one wishes to book a place at this World Record Breaking attempt, may either call 21 472051 or 79310084 or else check out www.wearwords.org.