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Farsons Foundation Sponsors Press Photography 8/5/2003

The sponsorship of the Press Photography category of the Malta Journalism Awards by The Farsons Foundation abides fully with the Foundation's mission statement, that is to encourage the various forms of Maltese art and culture. This was stated by the President of The Farsons Foundation, Mr Luke L. Miceli, during the signing of the sponsorship agreement with The Malta Press Club (TMPC).

TMPC Chairman, Malcolm J. Naudi, recalled that The Farsons Foundation has always sponsored all the Press Photography and Press Cartoons Exhibitions organised by The Malta Press Club since 1992. He thanked the Foundation for their constant support.

"As this Friday's submissions deadline draws nearer, from the feedback we are getting from various press photographers, we are expecting quite a healthy competition," said Mr Naudi.

Referring to the major benefits and contribution TMPC is giving to the Maltese journalism in general, Mr Miceli, said: "The Malta Press Club is laying the foundations for a more professional approach to journalism. One has to keep in mind that since 1839 when freedom of press was achieved in Malta, there were various unsuccessful attempts at establishing an association of Maltese journalists.

"TMPC was set up in 1989 and, since then, this organisation achieved a number of firsts for Maltese journalists, journalism and for Maltese society as a whole. These included a code of ethics, the setting up of the Press Ethics Commission and the introduction of source confidentiality in Maltese law, to mention just three important milestones.

"Since its debut in 1996, the press photography category of these Awards has always served as the best showcase of Maltese press photographers. We believe that these Awards offer a fair and challenging opportunity for all Maltese press photographers to further raise the satisfactory standard achieved in recent years. Our sponsorship of this category even goes well beyond. It is a clear sign of encouragement and of unequivocal support by the Farsons Foundation to The Malta Press Club's efforts," concluded Mr Miceli.