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Rookies Sports Bar Tipped For Glory 6/25/2003

Budweiser 5 a-side Pub Challenge - Quarter-Finals

Facing King's Own Band Club, who proved to be no pushovers in the Budweiser 5 a-side Pub Challenge, the favorites Rookies Sports Bar managed to get hold of a comfortable lead during the last 10 minutes. Rookies played an impressive game in last weekend's quarter-finals of the Challenge, and if they continue in this form they have a chance to be among the two finalists on 29th June.

In the semi-finals, Rookies Sports Bar will be playing against Hacienda Bar who hammered Huggins with thirteen goals in the quarter-finals. Although Hacienda Bar may not have any star players, they play fast one touch football that gives them a positive edge on their opponents.

In another match of the Budweiser Pub Challenge quarter-finals, Conquest Pub made it through by a close win over Peppermint Park in an action-packed match. It was Liam Cutajar for Conquest Pub who made the difference. In the semi-finals, Conquest Bar will be facing industrious Dive Bar and one hopes that Liam would be able to repeat his fine performance in the next round.

Dive Bar qualified to the semi-finals after beating Halfway Inn who were missing two important players. Both players were suspended after being sent off in a previous match. Dive Bar will be facing Conquest Pub in the semi-finals. They have already played against each other in the group stage, which ended with a draw of four each. The game will surely be keenly contested for a place in the finals.

The semi-finals of the Budweiser Pub Challenge will take place on Saturday 28th June, while the final match will be played on Sunday 29th June at 9am. All matches are being played at the Luxol Grounds in St. Andrew's.

Results of Budweiser 5 a-side Pub Challenge Quarter-Finals:
Peppermint Park vs Conquest Pub :  3 - 5
King's Own Band Club vs Rookies Sports Bar:  3 - 7
Hacienda Bar vs Huggins:  13 - 1
Halfway Inn vs Dive Bar:  4 - 11

Semi-Finals on 28th June at 9am at Luxol Grounds
Hacienda Bar vs Rookies Sports Bar
Dive Bar vs Conquest Pub