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Win A Car With Hopleaf And Blue Label 6/23/2003

Hopleaf and Blue Label are offering consumers a chance to win a Hyundai Santa Fe and a good selection of high quality camping equipment.

This summer's promotion is integrated and can be accessed through all packages of the two beer brands. The new Hopleaf & Blue Label 8-Can Chill Packs carry an on-pack coupon, which can easily be filled in by consumers.

One can also participate by collecting eight crowns from Blue Label or Hopleaf bottles and mailing them together with name, address and telephone number. Alternatively one can obtain a ticket from the bartender when purchasing a pint of Hopleaf or Blue Label Smooth N Creamy from any bar serving these premium beers on draught.

All entries can be mailed to "Take the Rough with the Smooth", P.O. Box 67, B'Kara, or deposited in the collection boxes at the local store or favourite bar. The first drawn participants on the 15th October will be asked a simple question related to Hopleaf or Blue Label, and, if they answer correctly, will receive their prize.

Further details may be obtained on www.smoothncreamy.com.