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Historic Site Receives A Boost From The Farsons Foundation 6/17/2003

During a short ceremony held at the Farsons Brewery, Mr Luke L. Miceli, Honorary President of The Farsons Foundation formally presented a donation to Mr Martin Scicluna, Executive President of Din L-Art Helwa. The donation will go towards the costs of producing comprehensive and lively interpretation scheme at one of the historic sites entrusted to Din L-Art Helwa.

The association of Farsons with Din l-Art Helwa goes back a long way, and the Company has helped the National Trust on a number of occasions, as a sign it its appreciation for the valuable work which the Society does.

Speaking during the presentation, Mr Miceli said that it was his pleasure to make this first formal presentation since his appointment as President of the Farsons Foundation earlier on this year. He said that it was befitting that the first donation under his chairmanship would be made to Din l-Art Helwa, a society which has not only created awareness about the need to preserve our national heritage but actually taken over the restoration and the management of a number of historical sites.

He wished Din l-Art Helwa every success in its endeavours and complimented the Executive President and his Committee on the initiative to produce a comprehensive and lively interpretation of the historical sites, which should assist visitors to these sites appreciate more the wealth of the Maltese heritage.

Mr Scicluna had words of praise for the Farsons Foundation which in his own words is one of the sources of support and encouragement. He spoke about a number of projects which Din l-Art Helwa was currently undertaking and which cannot be completed without support from the commercial and industrial sectors.

The Farsons Foundation was officially established in March 1995 by a notorial deed. Simonds Farsons Cisk plc maintains the Foundation through an annual contribution which is then allocation by the Board of Trustees to promote, Maltese art and culture, heritage and history, to encourage research in these spheres and to assist voluntary organisations engaged principally in fostering social solidarity.

The late Chev. Anthony Miceli Farrugia was the first President of the Foundation and over the past eight years, the Foundation has assisted a number of organisations and individuals engaged in the historical and art fields as well as in projects of social solidarity.

Present at this morning's presentation ceremony were also the Chairman of the Farsons Group, Mr Bryan Gera, the Group Chief Executive, Mr Louis Farrugia and the Trustees of the Farsons Foundation.