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Chamber Of Commerce Honours Former President Anthony Miceli-Farrugia 6/9/2003

A portrait of a former President of the Chamber of Commerce, the late Chev. Anthony Miceli-Farrugia was officially unveiled at the Chamber of Commerce in Valletta by Dame Lilian Miceli Farrugia. The ceremony was hosted by the President of the Chamber, Mr Reginald Fava together with the Council of the Chamber, and attended by the Miceli-Farrugia family, Directors and Senior Management of Simonds Farsons Cisk plc. and associated companies.

Apart from his position at Farsons, Mr Miceli-Farrugia was active in other companies and in private sector organizations. The business body with which he was most actively connected is undoubtedly the Chamber of Commerce, the senior private sector organization in Malta founded in 1848.

Mr Miceli-Farrugia was for many years an elected member of its council and frequently an officer. In 1971, he was for the first time elected President, a post that he occupied the following year and on two further two-year terms in 1977-78 and 1980-81. In 1988, he founded the Maltese-Italian Chamber of Commerce serving as President up to 1996. He was appointed Honorary President for life of the Maltese-Italian Chamber of Commerce in 1997.

In his short address, Mr Fava recalled the leadership qualities, active involvement and genial character of Mr Miceli-Farrugia. "It is our great pleasure that we honour an ex-colleague who defended private enterprise in difficult times. It is therefore right and fitting that his portrait will feature prominently in the Chamber's Sir Agostino Portelli Hall together with portraits of other, past presidents for the years to come as a testimony of our appreciation."

Mrs Miceli-Farrugia thanked the Chamber of Commerce for showing unfailing respect. "As a family we feel that Nini' - as we affectionately call him - is still with us. We shall treasure his values forever. I would also like to thank prominent Maltese artist, Pawlu Carbonaro, for capturing in an excellent execution of the portrait, not only Nini's visual resemblance, but also a number of his natural expressions that were so familiar to us all".

A similar event was held at Farsons Brewery when another portrait by the same artist was unveiled earlier on. Addressing the small gathering of family and the closest circle of friends and colleagues of Mr Miceli Farrugia, Farsons Chairman, Bryan Gera, said "I am indeed pleased to be the one to pay tribute to Nini', and I do so with a deep sense of duty and also with a great sense of personal appreciation of the mutual respect we had for each other. Mr Miceli-Farrugia was an intrinsic part of Farsons."

Mr Gera recalled the former Chairman's career at Farsons, and his various initiatives in the interest of the company culminating in 1952 with the introduction of the soft drink Kinnie which became, and still is, Malta's national soft drink.