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Farsons Launches A New International Beer Brand 6/4/2003

Skol Lager, which is a major player in the international beer market, has just been launched in Malta by Simonds Farsons Cisk plc.

The international marketing strategy for Skol is one of presenting consumers with a good quality beer at the best value. In the UK, which is one of the most important beer markets in the world, Skol is the Number One Value-for-Money lager and sector leader in the Take-Home market. In Malta, Skol will be following the same pricing direction as that established in other countries and will be offering the Maltese consumer an international quality beer at a very competitive price. Skol is a regular strength lager, with a crisp golden colour and gentle character.
Commenting on the launch of the new brand of lager, Mr Louis Farrugia, Group Chief Executive of the Farsons Group said that the launching of this new brand is another important milestone in the development of the beer market in Malta. "The acquisition of a licence to brew and bottle this beer in Malta is yet another proof of the high esteem in which the capabilities of the Farsons brewers are held by Carlsberg-Tetley, one of the most prestigious brewing companies in the world", said Mr Farrugia.

Skol will no doubt be an easily recognisable brand by all the tourists coming from the UK as well as by Maltese beer drinkers. Brewed and packaged in Malta will ensure that the consumer will always be enjoying this beer at its best.

Skol is being brewed and packaged in Malta under licence from Carlsberg-Tetley and will be available in 33cl and 50cl cans, 50cl bottles and on draught in most leading bars and liquor stores in Malta and Gozo.