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Breakers Get A New Look And Two New Flavours 5/28/2003

Breakers - the popular non-carbonated, fruit juice-based drink - gets a new, trendy image. With its innovative packaging, bright colours and added vitamins, Breakers was an immediate hit with children and parents alike.

This month, Breakers is being relaunched in a coloured PET bottle with a new label. The range has also been extended to six flavours, with the introduction of two new flavours: Strawberry Slam and Pineapple Pop. The flavours complement the current range, which includes Orange Groover, Tropical Tang, Ravin' Raspberry and Kiwi Krush.

Shirley Zammit, Brand Executive for Breakers said, "We are continuously building on the popularity of this product. The extension of the Breakers range with two new flavours is in response to the customer demand for this drink."

A promotion is currently running whereby, every 20 Breakers labels collected and an additional Lm2 can be exchanged for an original Beyblade at the Farsons Shop in Valletta.