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Jacob Borg - Youngest Ever Malta Champion 4/11/2003

Fourteen-year-old Jacob Borg has won the Kart Racing Winter Championship 2003, making him the youngest driver ever to win this Championship. Jacob is the official representative of the national soft drink brand, Kinnie, at all Kart racing events, both in Malta and abroad.

Some 30 Maltese drivers took part in this year's Winter Championship. Jacob accomplished 7 Pole Positions out of 12 races, 4 wins out of 12 races and managed 5 fastest lap times during this championship.

"I embarked on kart driving sport at a young age and love competition races," said Jacob Borg. "This championship has given me a greater impetus and today I am even more determined to pursue my ambition abroad under the right tutorship. My intensive training at SRS Racing Kart School, last September, was a stepping-stone for my future career. I am delighted that with the help of my sponsor, Kinnie, I am able to develop my professional training in motor sport."

His determination and knowledge of kart driving, in fact, left a remarkable impression with his former instructors at SRS Racing Kart School in UK. Former British Champion and SRS Director, Stuart Ziemelis, who recently toured Farsons Brewery in Mriehel, said that Jacob's level of determination was exceptional and showed great commitment. "These traits are paramount for success in motor sport," he said.

Kinnie Brand Executive, Joanne Scerri Valentino said: "We are pleased with our commitment to sponsor Jacob's training. Kinnie plays an important role in developing the growth of sports in Malta."

Jacob Borg started kart racing at the age of 10 and in a short span he already holds a list of achievements. His ambition is to reach the professional standard and become Malta's first driver of a Formula 1 car.

He is the champion of the Championship 2000, the Junior Championship 2000, and the Youth Championship 2001 - obtaining 1st placing in all three. On many occasions, he competed among older and more experience drivers. He placed 5th in the Summer Championship 2002.

At Whilton Mill Kart Club in UK, Jacob participated as a novice in the Club Championship Race Meeting together with 28 regular drivers and 9 novices. As a novice, he always had to start from the back of the grid. He will continue to be classified as a novice until he competes in four more races in the UK.

In this Race Meeting, Jacob achieved the four heats required and made it straight to the final race and obtained an excellent placing, beating not only the novices but also many of the regular drivers. At the end of the Race Meeting, which was his first attempt on an international level, Jacob was presented with the 'Best Novice of the Day' Cup for his potential in kart driving.

On his completion of the course in UK, which was sponsored by Kinnie, he successfully obtained his kart racing license from the Motor Sports Association that allows him to race in any UK circuit.