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Budweiser Winners Get Free Trips To Watch Manchester United 4/7/2003

The latest Budweiser King of Beers promotion earned nine winners a fabulous trip to watch Manchester United play at Old Trafford. Each won a free flight and accommodation to the UK.

Carmel Callus, Caroline Grech, Tony Cutajar, and James Aquilina were the first group of winners who flew to the UK for the Premier League match between Manchester United and Manchester City on 9th February, which ended 1-1. They were invited to a Charity Meal organised by Manchester United and Manchester City and hosted by a number of ex-players and Managers, namely Norman Whiteside and Gordon Hill for Manchester United and Dennis Tueart for Manchester City.

The second group of winners, namely Richard Curmi, Steven Zammit Briffa, Victor Borg, Clive Louis Farrugia and Wayne Douglas watched the match against Leeds United on 5 March. They were invited to the Treble Suite at Old Trafford and were hosted by ex-Manchester United and England International player Bryan Robson.

Budweiser Brand Executive, Geoffrey Busuttil who accompanied both groups, said: "Budweiser has been committed to sports, especially to football, for a number of years. Apart from Manchester United, Budweiser is the official beer sponsor for The FIFA World Cup, Manchester City FC and Chelsea FC. These sponsorships give us the opportunity to offer Budweiser drinkers unforgettable experiences as these nine winners have had."

The Budweiser - Manchester United Nights, offered by Wands Limited, were spread over four weekends. A selection of pubs around Malta hosted these nights. Those who purchased Budweiser beer during these nights were asked to send an SMS with a slogan on Budweiser - King of Beers. Other Budweiser gifts were won on each promotional Budweiser Night.

In another promotion, Budweiser teamed up with Vodafone and Ryan's Irish Pub and sent three winners to watch Manchester United play against Juventus in Torino.

Budweiser is distributed by Wands Limited, www.wandsdirect.com.