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Lacto Milk Stout

Lacto Milk Stout's

Lacto Milk Stout is a beer crafted according to the original recipe of 1946. Lacto Milk Stout is a light-bodied, sweet, classic milk stout, creamy and smooth, with rich flavours suggesting dark chocolate and currants notes.

Frequently also used as a cooking ingredient, Lacto Milk Stout has been a trusted household name for over 60 years. The beer’s unique characteristics make Lacto Milk Stout the perfect match to accompany rich, spicy food like BBQ beef as well as the perfect marinade for stews, chicken and red meats. Due to the beer’s creamy and smooth finish, it is also recommended to enjoy Lacto Milk Stout to complement desserts such as chocolate cake and profiteroles. Lacto Milk Stout is traditionally used as an ingredient in Christmas puddings.

  • 250ml
Lacto's containers
  • Alcohol
  • Serving
    Thermometer Cellar (12 - 14°C)