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Trident Park and The Brewhouse inauguration ceremony 6/28/2023

Trident Park and The Brewhouse inauguration ceremony

Art Deco brewery has been reimagined by world-renowned London architect Ian Ritchie

Trident Park and The Brewhouse were both officially inaugurated on Wednesday evening with an opening ceremony attended by the Prime Minister, Archbishop, and other dignitaries.

The ceremony marked the official opening of the €86 million Farsons brewery regeneration project which has seen one of Malta’s finest 20th-century industrial buildings transformed into a vibrant green office campus and world-class business destination.

Spearheaded by London-based ritchie*studio, led by renowned architect Ian Ritchie, in collaboration with Alex Torpiano's engineering-focused Maltese practice TBA Periti, and celebrated environmental physicist Doug King, the transformation of the iconic Art Deco site was inspired by Maltese palace gardens and the island's vernacular buildings.

Opened 73 years ago, in June 1950, the original brewery is one of the first and finest examples of concrete-reinforced Art Deco buildings.

The redevelopment which was inaugurated on Wednesday evening consists of seven low-density and low-rise, terraced office blocks, all of which are intersected by landscaped generous gardens, courtyards and terraces.

While Trident Park, a €66 million investment,  is a world-class office campus, The Brewhouse, a further €20 million investment, is a truly unique destination, which offers business facilities and a number of food and beverage outlets, as well as a new brand store and brewery experience, all set against the beautifully restored industrial heritage of the original brewery building. 

The project is also designed to meet the strictest of environmental codes.

It boasts a cutting-edge climate control system that utilises sustainable technology and architectural designs that maximise natural light while showcasing the site’s unique industrial heritage.

It has recently been awarded the BREEAM Excellent certification for sustainability.

Located in the heart of Mrieħel’s Central Business District, the project stands opposite the historic 17th Century Wignacourt Aqueducts.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by some 400 guests and dignitaries including Prime Minister Dr Robert Abela, His Grace Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna, former prime minister Dr Lawrence Gonzi, the Leader of the Opposition, Members of Parliament, and several ambassadors.

Speaking during the inauguration ceremony, Farsons Group Chairman Louis A. Farrugia said Trident Park and The Brewhouse, are not just physical structures; but expressions of Farsons Group’s long-held values, traditions, and commitment to excellence, quality and sustainability.

Mr Farrugia explained how Farsons Group had made a deliberate strategic decision not to utilise all of the site’s developable space, and instead created a low-lying, terraced project which prioritises quality over quantity. 

“Both The Brewhouse and Trident Park are truly marvellous spaces…we took risks, but we were confident that this was the right path to take.”

“Looking to the future, I say let this space be an incubator for change and let future generations and the next entrepreneurial leaders look to this project as an example of what can be possible,” Mr Farrugia said. 

Prime Minister Robert Abela hailed the project’s innovative and aesthetic approach. 

“When I am frequently asked if Malta should keep attracting investment - my answer is an outright yes. We need more investments like Trident Park and The Brewhouse,” he said.

Of particular note, he said, is the inclusion of industrial tourism through the brewery experience at The Brewhouse, which is an interesting new niche in Malta’s touristic offering. 

Dr Abela also commended the sustainable approach taken to the regeneration project.

“I wish to congratulate you Mr Farrugia on this project. Your values, your vision and and ability to recognise investment potential, and do so in a sustainable manner that not only enhances the growth of your company but also contributes significantly to government’s and nationwide efforts to stimulate and foster prosperity,” Dr Abela said. 

Michael Farrugia Director of both Simonds Farsons Cisk plc and Trident Estates plc, as well as deputy CEO of the Farsons beverage business also addressed the gathering. 

He said to those at Farsons, the brewery site was always “much more than just a building but a symbol of our deep passion for brewing and brands, of our rich history and industrial heritage, our committed workforce and the community we proudly continue to serve”.

“It is a building that stood the test of time to become a national and iconic landmark and part of the collective memory that has left an indelible mark on the lives of the thousands of workers who have worked within its walls, many of whom would have spent their entire careers working here.”

“Indeed, that is what makes industrial heritage sites so worthy of conservation and regeneration for they provide a window to our social and cultural past and house a certain soul that goes beyond the purely brick and mortar to act as markers of humankind’s progress or otherwise,” Mr Farrugia said. 

Trident Estates Chief Executive Officer Charles Xuereb described the project as a first for Malta that is aimed at attracting and retaining talent.  

“As employers, we have come to understand that retaining employees has become ever more challenging, and, with that in mind, we have come up with an innovative approach to the overall work experience and environment,” he said.

“Our long-standing experience, nearly a full century old, has taught us that the quality of the work-space environment affects the overall working experience of employees and their performance, delivery, but most of all, their allegiance.

Architect Ian Ritchie said the combination of The Brewhouse and Trident Park has created a world-class business centre - not only because of the architecture and the spaces within but also the environmental ambitions for the entire development.

“We hope that with this project, we have, together with our client and the construction industry here and in Europe, given the Maltese planning authority a benchmark of commercial development and architectural quality to which future planning can aspire to help ensure this island’s beauty for future generations,” he said.