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‘The Ultimate Mindset’ for Farsons Group management 12/21/2016

‘The Ultimate Mindset’ for Farsons Group management

In what has now become an annual appointment, bringing together members of management of the Farsons Group companies before the year’s end, this year’s event was themed ‘The Ultimate Mindset’.

Nathan Farrugia, Founder and CEO of Ultimate Performance, and previously founder and CEO of Inspire, delivered a keynote address that explored the idea that success is a mindset and that it is our choices that ultimately lead us to become who we deserve to be. He went on to explain how one can 'choose' to be successful and how to recognize the self-limiting beliefs that stall progress or halt growth and go on to attain self-realisation.

“Nathan has pushed the boundaries of human performance, setting world records in the process. In his address Nathan recounted near death experiences and the learning outcomes that have enabled him to raise his game both in business and in life. His experiences will surely inspire our team to push their limits and become ultimate performers in their own right,” commented Ms Antoinette Caruana, Group HR Manager and Company Secretary for Farsons Group.

The keynote address was preceded by a presentation about specialty beers and a beer tasting session that included the ales from the Farsons Classic Brews range, Blue Label Original Amber Ale, Double Red Strong Ale and India Pale Ale as well as Cisk Pilsner. Double Red and Blue Label have just been awarded gold and silver respectively in this year’s edition of the Brussels Beer Challenge.