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The Jura, golden wines with an ancient history 4/12/2016

The Jura, golden wines with an ancient history

The Henri Maire range of Jura wines, has recently been added to the wines portfolio of Farsons Beverage Imports Company (FBIC) Limited.

Located in the east of France, between Burgundy and Switzerland, the Jura wine region is named after the Jura mountains. The Jura built its reputation on the precious vin jaune, made from the local Savagnin varietal. The wine spends six years in the barrel with no topping up, and is known as a vin de voile, in reference to the veil of yeast that forms on the surface of the wine. At the heart of the region is the star appellation, Château-Chalon, with an exceptional terroir. The wine is bottled in vessels known as clavelins, which hold 62cl, the quantity that remains of a litre of wine after its long ageing. The region's other distinctive wine is vin de paille, or straw wine, which is made from grapes that have been part-dried to concentrate the sugars – a practice once done on straw, hence the name. These two wines are very sought-after for their individuality.

The Henri Maire company was founded in 1939 and has an exceptionally long history. As far back as 1632, a certain Maire owned vines and cellars in Arbois. Three centuries later, the young Henri Maire inherited the modest family property at the age of 22. Passionate about the wines of Jura, he set about bringing them to a wider public. To accomplish this, he expanded his vineyards until today, the company is the biggest proprietor in the Jura with some 240 hectares.

Henri Maire wines are available in selected restaurants, wine boutiques and the Wine Shop at Farsonsdirect in Mriehel www.farsonsdirect.com. FBIC Ltd is a member of the Farsons Group.